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Books, Candles, Scents, Spells, Cleansings, Energy stones, Healings, Crystals, Aura readings, Readings, Tea readings, Zodiac charts, Astrology, Numerology, Soul mate finder- match maker.Spiritual house blessings and cleansings and more.




  Lover spells

  • Love spells
  • Reuniting
  • this spell helps reunite lovers,  brings back your true love into your life. Helps heal broken relationship and restore love and passion.
  • Marriage spells
  • Spiritual cleansings
  • Luck & Money spells
  • Protection spells
  • Stops and remove negative forces.Bad luck will be reversed, and displaced away from you. Restores peace and harmony in your life and home. Clears negative blockage and restore positive energy's
  • Career spells
  • House blessings
  • Places good energy and vibes and removes negativity  in your home to feel more comfortable and at peace with
    your surroundings & love ones This is a spell that is also used for removing all negative in your home well as in your life. Protects against other spirits and negative energys and negative vibes that may enter your home and from bothering you and love ones  in
    the  future Protects aganist all. House blessings are also available to your work place for better results and job promotions.Helps with financially improvements and protect against all.
  • Customized spells
  • To solve any problems each spell is specifically assigned to each situation
  • with customize spells you can make one more specific to your case.
  • Spell casting removal
  • The one spell to reverse all spells. Any spell that has been placed on you from others,
    will be removed from you completely. We call this one the Jealous spell.

 Available for Parties and Banquets

Group rates available.

Host recives free reading.

Be creative and let your guest be amazed.

Available for halloween parties,functions etc.

For all quotes and questions please contact us @ 617 - 301- 3899


Magical and spiritual candles are assigned the appropriate powers to address a particular aspect of life's many issues and prolems.



Incense has an elegant fragrance to create a mood of tranquility, peace of mind and relaxation of the mind, body & soul.


Astrology    Charts

Our skills are able to help you understand your astrological readings in such dept and detail your present will unfold in ways you never taught possible, allowing you to take command of your future. Determining the position of the planets at the exact moment of your birth allows you to understand and find out how they affect you in the present and will affect in the future. Having this information gives you the ability to affect your destiny and make active, positive choices for your life.


Palm readings

Your palm contains the map of your life. It reflects your character as it is directly influenced by your psyche, the planets and past lives.


Tarot card readings

Tarot card readings are an excellent way to explore and solve some of the questions of life.

The tarot cards ae universal symbols that represent the experiences and challenges that everyone faces. Using the tarot allows you to solve problems, understand what fate  is trying to communicate to you. The cards can help you understand your past and present and reveal your future course.





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