About Us


The Spirit communicates with us in words, images, and feelings which than we can translate and share with you. Our truthful and accurate readings can provide a deeper level of understanding about your relationship, love or past life. This is one of a kind experience.

Our exceptional gift will help you find spiritual direction and balance in life.

We have extensive experience in readings, spiritual cleansings, matters of love and relationships, love life failures or marital conflicts, dating and the future. For over 20 years we have been helping people all over.

If you are curious and want to understand more about your life, relationship trouble, career, heatlh etc you need to contact us.

We will help in all matters in life.

Will help where all others have failed.

Able to provide very accurate readings and predictions have  20 years of experience in the field of Astrology and Readings with the ability and knowledge to push you forward in life and gain peace and understanding for you and your loved ones.

Having this information gives you the ability to affect your destiny and make active, positive choices for your life. Allowing you to take command of your future

All readings are private and confidential


To schedule a appointment please contact by phone 617-301-3899 or by email Dorchesterpsychic@gmail.com


If interested in books, candles, astrology etc please click on ''products'' and other tabs.



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